Presentation Client

The ICPC Presentation System provides a mechanism for generating “slide show” presentations containing user-provided images, photos, and a variety of live data from a running contest. The Presentation System consists of two components: Presentation Clients and the Presentation Admin. This document describes the Presentation Client component; refer to the separate documentation on the Presentation Admin for an explanation of how that component operates.

A Presentation Client is a single process which displays (rotates between) one or more presentations. The Presentation System contains a wide variety of built-in presentations, each of which is identified by having both a number and a title (also referred to as its name). Each presentation client is started by giving it a list of the presentations (by number or title) that the client should display. It is allowable to start multiple simultaneous presentation clients, each displaying its own (possibly overlapping) set of presentations. Each separate presentation client is typically run on a separate machine, with each machine connected to a projector or large display to allow many people to watch. (At the ICPC World Finals, for example, as many as 10 or more separate screens are displayed, each running its own specified sequence of presentations.)

Some built-in presentations incorporate data from a running contest. For example, one presentation knows how to display the current contest scoreboard, updating it as the contest progresses; another displays a rising (animated) balloon, labeled with the appropriate team and problem letter/color, whenever a team solves a problem; another presentation shows a graph of the languages used to solve problems so far in the contest; another shows the runs currently in the “judge’s queue” and the judgment each runs receives as it exits the queue; still another presentation shows the current contest clock (remaining time); and so forth.


The latest stable Presentation Client version is 2.4.727, released on 03 April 2022.

Download stable release v2.4.727

The latest prerelease is v2.5.991, built on 11 April 2024.

Download prerelease build v2.5.991


The Presentation Client documentation can also be downloaded.

Download / view documentation (PDF format)