Presentation Admin

The Presentation Admin is one of the components comprising the ICPC Presentation System. The other major components of the Presentation System are the Presentation Client and a collection of presentations.

The ICPC Presentation System defines a large number of built-in “presentations”, each of which displays programming contest-related data in some fashion. For example, one presentation shows the current contest scoreboard, scrolling it automatically from the current leaders down through all contenders and then repeating. Other presentations show data such as the languages being used, the current number of solutions to each contest problem, notifications that a particular team has just solved a particular problem, and so forth, all updating in real time based on input from a Contest Control System (CCS). There are also pre-defined presentations for showing a variety of user-selected data such as team photographs, contest logos and related images, local sites of interest, fireworks for the end of the contest, and so forth.

The ICPC Presentation System will work with any CCS that produces an event feed which is compliant with the CLI Contest API. Systems known to produce compliant event feeds include PC-Squared, Kattis and DOMjudge; other Contest Control Systems may also produce compatible event feeds and hence work with the Presentation System.


The latest stable Presentation Admin version is 2.5.1082, released on 30 May 2024 at 12:35:39 from commit 78af2ada.

Download stable release v2.5.1082

The latest prerelease is v2.6.1085, built on 10 July 2024 at 15:43:33 from commit f26b331c.

Download prerelease build v2.6.1085


The Presentation Admin documentation can also be downloaded.

Download / view documentation (PDF format)